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Summer Time Tips for your Hearing Devices

Summer Time Tips for your Hearing Devices

Summer is here! As you bask in the warm, soothing sun, don’t forget to take good care of your hearing aids so that you can enjoy your summer activities without putting your hearing aids in danger.

Hearing aids are delicate electronic devices that are prone to being damaged when exposed to heat and direct sunlight for long periods of time. This is why it is important to keep your hearing aids out of the sun when they are not in use. Even when you are wearing them on a very hot day, limit your time in the sun as this may cause the plastic casing to melt due to extreme heat. Never leave your hearing aids lying around in hot places such as in the car or close to the windows.

Water is another threat to hearing aids, especially if you have older models that are not water resistant. Before engaging in any water-related activity like swimming or surfing, make sure you remove your hearing aids and store them in water proof, air tight containers.

Contemporary hearing aids are certified with IP68. This enables them to continue working properly up to 1.5 meters underwater for a period of half an hour. Even so, it is best to prevent any water damage by keeping them away from water unless absolutely necessary. Water, especially saltwater can be excessively corrosive and can damage the hearing aid battery’s electrical circuitry. This can cause your hearing aids to malfunction.

If you do end up wetting your hearing aids, make sure to ventilate them by opening the battery doors and drying out the inner portions with a dryer that is specially built for hearing aids.

Hearing aids should also be kept far away from any dirt, debris or sand. This is why it is important to store them away safely before you start building your next sand castle with your child on your next trip to the beach.

Summertime means slathering on sunscreen and lying in the sun for hours. Be careful not to get any sunscreen on your hearing aids though, since this can damage them. Also keep your hearing aids away from other cosmetics and hair products like hair sprays. Always put on your hearing aids after your have finished applying all your skincare products and have washed and dried your hands thoroughly.

You can never be too sure with your hearing aids since they, like any electronic device, are prone to malfunction and damage. This is why it is important to carry along extra pairs of batteries and other accessories (such as wax filters) that come along with your hearing aids. Better yet, carry a spare pair of hearing aids just in case the ones you are wearing stop working suddenly.

Summer means more sweat and more dirt, which means your hearing aids get dirtier more often in the summer. This requires you to clean them more frequently to prevent fungal spores that tend to thrive in moist and humid environments during summer time. You should always clean your hearing aids thoroughly using disinfectant wipes in order to remove any type of fungal microbes. Proceed by sterilizing your hearing aids to ensure they are safe to wear and are thoroughly clean.

When you are not using your hearing aids, make sure you store them in air tight containers so that the moist, damp air does not cause a buildup of fungus and bacteria. You can even use a dehumidifier to eliminate any moisture from your hearing aids.

Summer time is always fun if you take certain precautionary measures to take good care of your hearing aids. So what are you waiting for? The summer day is calling your name! Go out and have a blast, but make sure you protect your hearing aids first so that you can enjoy those awesome summer sounds for all your years to come!