Hearing Health Consultation - Shreveport, LA - The ENT Center, AMC

Hearing Consultation

Step 1. Medical & hearing history

We first gather your medical and hearing history to help us assess your condition better.

Step 2. Physical ear examination

We take a look into both ear canals to check their general health. We can remove ear wax if necessary.

Step 3. Comprehensive Hearing Test

Using advanced testing equipment, we measure your hearing to determine where loss has occurred and to what degree. We also measure your ability to understand speech clearly. A hearing test evaluates your hearing sensitivity and is generally performed using an audiometer, which determines the softest level at which you hear different frequencies.

Step 4. Hearing Device Demonstration

If eligible, you will listen to innovative hearing aids to experience today’s advanced technology. We will demonstrate some basic device functionality.

Step 5. Needs & Lifestyle Assessment

We ask you and your companion a variety of questions to better understand your lifestyle and what listening situations trouble you most.

Step 6. Results Review & Treatment

We will review results of both your hearing test and needs assessment. If necessary, together we’ll choose a treatment to improve your hearing.

Step 7. Fitting

We schedule adequate time for delivery and custom fit your hearing instruments to your preferences that ultimately satisfy your listening requirements.