Hearing Aid Evaluation and Fitting

After the initial evaluation and medical clearance has been obtained, you will be seen for a Hearing Aid Evaluation. During this appointment, we discuss your hearing loss and its impact on communication. Most patients and their families have many questions that will be addressed. Various types of hearing devices and appropriate options such as circuitry, one versus two devices, and style will be discussed.

We work with several manufacturers that offer digital instruments in a variety of styles and sizes. We also offer assistive listening devices (i.e., telephone amplifiers/amplified telephones, TV Ears, etc.) according to the patient needs and lifestyle.

The cost of the hearing devices varies from approximately $895 to $2895 for each, based on circuitry and features. Once the hearing instruments are ordered, they will arrive in two to three weeks. For which a second appointment is scheduled.

Hearing Aid Delivery

When you return for your first fitting, the hearing aids will be programmed for your hearing loss and fine tuned based on your needs and preferences. You can expect to return weekly or bi-weekly the first month. Programmable hearing aids usually need adjusting as you become more experienced listening to sound in your changing environments. We have the ability to program many parameters within the hearing aid, so it is very important to have an ongoing relationship with your audiologist during this process.