Swimming Ear Plugs

For people with sensitive ears or especially-narrow ear canals, trapped water can lead to frequent and painful ear infections. Swimming ear plugs — if they fit — can stop water from getting in your ear canals as you swim, thereby preventing ear infections. Ear plug options are the same for children and adults, although children may need a little extra assistance when putting their ear plugs in. This guide explains what to look for when choosing ear plugs for swimming.

Ear Plug Styles

First of all, make sure that the ear plugs are designed for use in the water. Noise-cancelling ear plugs are not designed for swimming and will not create a sufficient, watertight seal.

  • Flanged: Flanged ear plugs are a universal-fit, conical shape with multiple flanges that act as barriers against water. They are typically less expensive than other models, and are thus a good starting point for those new to swimming ear plugs.
  • Ergonomic: Ergonomic ear plugs are shaped to fit snugly inside the ear and lay flat against the outer ear, more so than flanged models. Each pair comes with one plug shaped specifically for the right ear and one for the left.
  • Moldable: Moldable silicone putty that is applied to the outer ear canal to form a comfortable, custom-fitting, waterproof seal, regardless of ear shape.