Custom Hunting Ear Plugs

Whether you are a hunter, sport shooter, or just enjoy an afternoon at the shooting range, we have the hearing protection you need. Shooters and hunters are exposed to some of the loudest, most dangerous noises anywhere in the world. Even small caliber weapons create dangerous impact noises. A single gunshot can cause permanent hearing damage.

We have a huge variety of Ear Plugs for Shooting that every hunter or shooter should check out. We also have all kinds of shooting ear muffs, including, passive ear muffs in headband models and models designed for hat wearers, and electronic shooter's ear muffs - the gold standard for hunter/shooter hearing protection. We also have Hunting Hearing Aids, which help enhance game sound.

Whether you are an occasional shooter or a professional marksman, we believe you will find just what you need right here at The ENT Center, AMC.